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"Tag der Briefmarke 2021" Explanatory Sheet

Material number 0321330

This stamp, embellished with engraving, is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the VÖPh with an illustration of the building in which it was founded.

It was in the Viennese Paul Deierl restaurant, previously known as Leber, on the corner of Babenbergerstraße 5 and Nibelungengasse 12, that the founding meeting of the VÖPh, the Verband Österreichischer Philatelistenvereine (Federation of Austrian Philately Associations), was held on 9th March 1921. On this date, around 20 officers from philatelic associations passed a resolution to found the federation as the umbrella organisation for all of the philatelic associations registered in Austria in order to offer collectors help and information beyond that they were able to receive from the individual associations. The “Deierl” is also known for being the place where Leopold Hawelka trained as a waiter before founding his own legendary café. Today the venue in the 1st district where the VÖPh was founded is an oriental restaurant. In the meantime, the federation has relocated to a Jugendstil building at Getreidemarkt 1 in Vienna's Mariahilf district, very close to the Secession Building.

Around the edge of the miniature sheet, stamps from the day of the stamp over the last 60 years as well as the stamp to celebrate the federation’s 50th anniversary in 1971 and the WIPA stamp from 1981 are shown. The top border is decorated with the coat of arms of Vienna, as the city in which the VÖPh was founded, and those of St. Pölten, which is where this year’s ÖVEBRIA and the Multilaterale exhibition will be held. Below the stamps, we see the special jubilee logo of the VÖPh as well as the logo of the Multilaterale federation.

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