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Crypto stamp 5.1 "Safe - Baby Bottle"

Material number 0123407

Crypto stamp 5.1 Safe - with Baby Bottle

This Crypto stamp Safe allows you to discover a new digital twin (NFT). Each Safe hides one of 3 magic symbols - in this case the Baby Bottle. Open your Safe and combine the Baby Bottle with the new Crypto stamp 5.1 Lion on the blockchain. What kind of motif does the new NFT have? Enjoy the surprise!

Did you know that the Crypto stamp Safe Baby Bottle can transform not only the Austrian, but also the Dutch and Luxembourg lions as well as the Crypto stamp 5.0 bear?

You can find all the details at

The digital crypto stamp is located on the Blockchain. Every transaction on the blockchain leads to transaction costs. For further information about the transaction costs please visit the T&C Online Shopping (German only)

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