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Crypto stamp


The strictly limited collection by the artist FVCKRENDER in collaboration with Crypto Stamp Art is finally available.

Commemorative stamps

Indulge in exclusive stamps commemorating significant events and immerse yourself in the distinctiveness of our era in a compact format!

Crypto stamp

This term refers to a stamp with a digital twin on the blockchain. 

Austrian Post issued the world's first of its kind. It's a success story that continues to flourish with each new edition and technological advancement.

Crypto stamp

By releasing the world's first blockchain stamp, Austrian Post has opened up a market that was previously quite cryptic. A traditional product made the leap into the highly complex technology of blockchain and joined the digital age.

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Crypto stamp coin

The Crypto stamp coin adds a new exclusive product to the Crypto stamp universe. It combines pure gold (fineness 999.9) with technical innovation, as each coin is linked to a digital twin on the blockchain.

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Crypto stamp art

Crypto stamp art offers space for new visual possibilities while providing creative freedom. This product extension focuses on digital art, with works created by renowned digital artists specifically for NFT collectors and those aspiring to become one.

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