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1. What must I check when selecting a picture?
a. You must hold all the rights (picture rights, personality rights, trade mark rights etc.) to the picture.


2. How large will my personalised stamp be?
a. Portrait format stamp:

i. Total size of the stamp: 35x42 mm

ii. Size of picture: 27x29 mm

b. Landscape format stamp:

i. Total size of the stamp: 42x35 mm

ii. Size of picture: 34x21 mm


3. I can’t upload my picture – what can I do?
a. Please check your browser and PC to ensure that the latest updates have been installed.

My Stamp is optimised for the following systems

•Windows IE9+

•OSX Safari 6+

•Firefox 20+

•Chrome 18+

•Opera 15+

b. Minimum size: 420 Pixel

c. Maximum size: 4096 Pixel

d. The optimum picture pixel sizes are:

i. Portrait format stamp:

1. Width: 548 Pixel

2. Height: 588 Pixel

ii. Landscape format stamp:

1. Width: 828 Pixel

2. Height: 536 Pixel

e. My picture is too large/small. What can I do?

i. See what the current picture size is by clicking the right mouse key and checking pixel size under “Properties”

ii. Picture processing programs (e.g. Paint) allow you a limited ability to adjust the image. “Change size; pixel size” – enter minimum size 420 pixel here

f. If any other problems arise when you upload the picture, please contact our customer service on 0800 100 197 or We will deal with your problem without delay.


4. I have a voucher – what should I do?
a. When ordering, don’t forget to redeem the voucher in the shopping basket by ticking the box. The price in the shopping basket will then be reduced. Please note that you cannot redeem the voucher after making your purchase.


5. When will I receive my My Stamp order?
a. You will receive your order at the latest three weeks after approving for printing. You will receive a My Stamp 48 order within one week.

b. You can get your order faster if you select Premium order. For a surcharge of EUR 10 your stamps will be delivered within one week.


6. Can I use the personalised stamps as postage?
a. Yes, in Austria. You can affix your own stamps to your letters to the amount of the nominal value needed.


7. I would like to place a follow-up order. Is that possible?
 a. Follow-up orders based on the order number or the like are not possible.


8. Do you still have some questions?
If you have any other questions that are not covered here, just drop us a line at: or phone: 0800 100 197.

We are available from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.